Design consulting and training for designers, business analysts, and executives.

About Aras Bilgen

VP-level management experience, millions of users globally, strong academic background

Hello! I provide design training, coaching, and strategic consulting services for designers, business analysts, agile teams, managers, and executives. I am a speaker in international design conferences, and the products I worked on have reached more than 160 million users worldwide.

I was the Senior Vice President of experience design and front-end development at Garanti BBVA. My team worked on a broad range of areas, from mobile apps, web sites, ATMs to enterprise software, chatbots, long-term strategic research.

Prior to Garanti, I was the Product Director for ÇiçekSepeti, a leading flower and gifting site in the world. Before ÇiçekSepeti, I was a Product Development Group Manager at Monitise, where my team of product managers and designers delivered top-notch digital experiences for leading financial institutions and e-commerce sites. I was a UX planner at Intel where he led the UX planning for Tizen (with Samsung), worked on MeeGo (with Nokia) and adapted Intel's brand identity system for the software products.

Previously, I was at Microsoft Research, where I developed a gestural system for interacting with displays remotely. I completed similar research efforts at the University of California, Irvine and Lancaster University, United Kingdom.

I hold a BSc from Bilkent University and an MSc in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. I am currently pursuing a BA in Sociology from Anadolu University. I am an avid cook and I drive my colleagues crazy by winning all food-related trivia games.

Companies I Worked With

I have helped companies of any size in finance, e-Commerce, telco and more.

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